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    49$ for a delicious 3-course menu for two persons (90$ value)


    89$ for a 7-course Signature menu for two persons (1704 value)


    You Obtain

      Treat yourself with one of these two superb menus during your next escapade to Mont-Tremblant! An ideal gift for the holidays.

      sEb l’Artisan Culinaire is proud to feature CAA/AAA’s 4 Diamond rating.

      Option 1) 49$ for a delicious 3-course menu for two persons (90$ value)

      1st Service : 

      Organic carott, Aged 18 months Comté cheese, dill, hot mustard, rye bread, black dirt

      2nd Service : 

      Cod fish with Pernod beurre blanc, dill, crushed fingerling, oyster mushroom, shimeji, bok choy and mussel


      Veal striploin, roasted garlic cabbage purée, Brussells sprout peel, chanterelles

      3rd Service : 

      Sticky toffee pudding cake, bacon and nuts, crème brûlée ice cream

      Option 2) 89$ for a 7-course Signature menu for two persons (1704 value)

      1st service : 

      Caribou oyster and emulsion

      2nd service : 

      Crispy veal sweetbreads, fennel, Clementine, pureed parsnip. Gastrique au vinaigre, champagne and vanilla


      Norway trout, turnip pureed, daikon and apple salad, French fries

      3rd service : 

      Foie gras on brioche bread, fig sauce

      4th service : 

      Pernod white butter cod, dill, écrasé de rattes, oyster mushroom and shimeji, bok choy and mussels.

      5th service : 

      Veal strip loin, mashed cabbage and roasted garlic, Brussels sprout peal, chanterelles

      6th service : 

      El vino cheese with nut and sprouts salad

      7th service : 

      Mi-cuit au chocolat amer, Palette de bine, chocolate crumble, Grand Marnier and vanilla ice cream

      The menus can vary according to the arrivals of the day.

      An original regional and seasonal cuisine accompanied by international wines served in a romantic chalet.


    • Offer expires on April 15th, 2017.
    • Void on December 24-25 and 31st, 2016 and January 1st, February 11th, 12th and 14th, 2017.
    • Offer valid upon reservation only as per availability.
    • You must have your printed coupon in hand when you arrive on site.
    • 2 coupons per table max (4 guests max.).
    • No limit of purchase per person.
    • Taxes not included applicable on the Vie Urbaine amount (49$ or 89$).
    • Tips not included calculated on the true value of the meal (90$ or 170$).
    • Coupon keeps its nominal value at date of expiry (49$ or 89$).


    Embark on a culinary odyssey in which the authenticity of regional produce takes center stage. At sEb you will travel through a world of flavors where ocean and mountain come together in total harmony.
    Well balanced dishes seduce and subjugate flavors while comforting thanks to their territorial roots. A saga where meat from our farms, seafood from the Atlantic and produce from our gardens go hand in hand with carefully selected wines.
    An exceptional cuisine offered in an authentic and convivial setting.


    444 Rue Saint Georges, Mont-Tremblant, Qc, J8E 3G4
    (819) 429-6991 or



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