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      $ 49 (tx inc) for a gift box of 4 board games to discover with the family!


      Au Suivant (value of $ 39.99)

      Adaptation of the popular program Au suivant, hosted by Stéphane Bellavance and broadcast on Radio-Canada. A thrilling game that will keep you going during the whole game!

      Fais-Moi Confiance (value of $ 39.99)

      Finally a game that lets you say anything! A quiz where the bluff is in the spotlight. Trick your opponents with surprising true or false statements and convince him to trust you!

      Dis Comme Moi (value of $ 16.99)

      Dis Comme Moi is a play on words and association of ideas in which interactions create laughter, emotion and teasing. Each player secretly completes the words on their list with the first word that comes to mind. Who will say like you?

      Bubble Gum - A fun game perfect for the whole family! (value of $ 19.99)

      Is it the right gum? Bubble Gum is a funny memory game ideal for teaching toddlers colors. The child rolls the dice, then tries to find under which boot is stuck the eraser of the same color. Please note, the holey sole will cause the boots to mix up! The player who finishes with the highest number of boots wins the game.

      The perfect offer to gather your family around a game!

      Encourage the local economy by buying 100% Quebec Gladius games!

      Delivery anywhere in Quebec!


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    Éditions Gladius has specialized in the design and manufacture of board games since 1996. Gladius stands out among other things from the competition by its desire to manufacture its products in Quebec. We also recognize at Éditions Gladius the very high quality of its adaptations in table games of the most popular TV shows.


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