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      A beautiful natural Balsam 2nd quality tree delivered right to your door, taxes and delivery are included! 

      Option 1)  $ 24 for a Christmas 2nd quality 5-6 feet tree ($ 32.86 Value)

      Option 2) $ 37 for a Christmas 2nd quality 5-6 feet tree + ultra rigid base for your tree / (value $ 55.85)

      Option 3) $ 50 for a Christmas 2nd quality 5-6 feet tree + ultra rigid base for your tree + 23.7 ‘of incandescent light (value $ 78.85)

      Christmas at your door with a beautiful tree grade

      Possible deliveries are: Weekend November 25-26, December 2-3, December 9-10 and December 16-17

      Delivery sector:



    • Taxes and delivery are included
    • Maximum of 2 coupons per person for purchase. Maximum of 2 trees per order for the same address
    • Here are the steps to follow in 4 easy steps to get your tree:
    • 1- Make sure the service areas here https://www.merryeasychristmas.com/en/serviced-area/
    • 2 - Place your order on Vieurbaine.
    • 3- Once your order number in hand (previously received by email) register by following this link: https://www.bosapin.com/fr/sites-a-rabais/vieurbaine/  To validate your purchase 
    • You MUST register on the website of the company to confirm the date of your delivery and your address.
    • 4 - Accurate delivery time will be transmitted in 2 to 3 days before the chosen date by email or phone /Delivery will be based on your postcode 
    • Delivery the weekends of November 25-26, December 2-3, December 9-10 and December 16-17, 2017. Various time slots available
    • For any additional questions: 1-855-434-3520
    • No cash / Non-refundable
    • The refund policy Vieurbaine does not apply to this offer.


    Merry Easy Christmas was founded in 2006 by three passionate partners, using experience gained at a young age maintaining and managing a Christmas tree nursery.
    We want to produce the highest quality Christmas trees, so we are constantly on the lookout for innovative growing methods. Each tree is carefully looked after and maintained. 
    This offer allows you to get to the delight of the young and older children, a beautiful natural Christmas tree that will be delivered directly to your home.

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    1-855-434-3520 or



    Once your payment is completed, you will receive a proof of payment and a Vie Urbaine voucher you will need to print. Once your voucher is in hand, you can exchange it at the merchant. If a reservation is required, you must tell the merchant that you have a voucher. You must have your voucher in hand when you visit the merchant and mention it before ordering.

    In addition to receiving vouchers by email, you can also access these in your Vie Urbaine account at any time.