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      Discover a modern, clean and pleasant space!

      Blanc & Shine is the assurance of a professional, courteous and safe service with a certified technician.

      All treatments also include a consultation.

      OPTION 1: $ 59 Xpress Treatment ($ 149 value)

      Why not a touch up before your 5 @ 7 or before a coveted interview!

      Recommended for those who have recently had teeth whitening treatment.

      A 25-minute session under the light with whitening gel. Instant result.

      Allow up to 45 minutes for the total duration of your visit.

      OPTION 2: $ 84 Blanc Treatment (Value of $ 199)

      Impressive result, your teeth will find their white and shine!

      Two 20-minute sessions under the light with whitening gel in one visit. Instant result.

      Allow a maximum of 75 minutes for the total duration of your appointment.

      OPTION 3: $ 99 Shine Treatment (Value of $ 249)

      Our most popular treatment! Maximum and optimal result in one treatment! Smile and shine like a star!

      Three 20-minute sessions under the light with whitening gel in one visit. Instant result.

      Allow up to 105 minutes for the total duration of your appointment.

      The results are simply dazzling! The teeth will regain their natural white color.


    • The offer expires on July 31, 2019.
    • Maximum of one coupon per person and more to give as a gift.
    • All treatments must be done in one visit and by the same person.
    • Taxes not included payable on the spot applicable on the amount of your coupon (payable in cash only). Tip not included.
    • Reservation required at (514) 516-6181 or in the Contact section of the site: https://blancandshine.ca/
    • Once the offer expires, the coupon keeps its nominal value.


    Blanc & Shine brings you an ultimate experience in cosmetic tooth whitening. With the application of the inventive gel that we propose and its activation with the LED technology light (cold blue light), the surface of the teeth is cleaned of all the acquired spots without the least side effect (no pain - no irritation ). Our gels and activation lamps (LEDs) are manufactured in the United States and are safe and compliant with Health Canada and the US FDA. 

    NOUVELLE ADRESSE! 5246 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal, Qc, H2T 1S1
    (514) 516-6181 or https://blancandshine.ca/


    Once your payment is completed, you will receive a proof of payment and a Vie Urbaine voucher you will need to print. Once your voucher is in hand, you can exchange it at the merchant. If a reservation is required, you must tell the merchant that you have a voucher. You must have your voucher in hand when you visit the merchant and mention it before ordering.

    In addition to receiving vouchers by email, you can also access these in your Vie Urbaine account at any time.