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      $ 29.95 For a Mi Band 3 training bracelet with heart rate monitor! IOS and Android compatible!

      Option 1: $ 29.95 for a Mi Band 3 Training Bracelet with Black Strap

      Option 2: $ 33.95 for a Mi Band 3 Training Bracelet with Black Strap + RED COLOR BRACELET

      Option 3: $ 33.95 for a Mi Band 3 Training Bracelet with Black Strap + NAVY BLUE COLOR BRACELET

      Option 4: $ 37.95 for a Mi Band 3 training bracelet with black strap + RED COLOR BRACELET AND NAVY BLUE COLOR BRACELET

      Compatibility: V4.0 or higher, Android 4.4 / iOS 9.0 or higher

      New OLED touch screen

      50m waterproof swim

      Improved heart rate monitor and more accurate pedometer

      Advanced features: receiving calls and messages, weather, calendar, etc.

      Manage gestures

      A variety of sports data in real time

      Standby, automatic monitoring of the pedometer


      Measuring heart rate

      Sleep management, pedometer

      Measuring calories burned

      Counting steps

      Recording the distance

      Reminder of the sedentary lifestyle


      Unlock the phone without a password

      Message reminder


      alarm clock

      Alert type: Vibration

      Sensors: ultra-low consumption ADI acceleration sensor + photoelectric heart rate sensor


      Product size: 46.9 × 17.9 × 12 mm

      Total length of the band: 247 mm

      Adjustable length: 155-216 mm

      Language of the program: English or Chinese

      Mid-core material: plastic + alloy

      Housing material: TPEE

      Band Material: TPSiV

      Weight: 20 g

      LED display: 0.78 in

      Resolution: 128 x 80 pixels

      Bluetooth V4.0, 2.4 GHz

      System Requirements Android 4.4 +, IOS 7 or higher

      Data backup up to 30 days

      Waterproof Bluetooth bracelet IP67, not suitable for swimming

      Lithium polymer battery of 70 mAh, with a range of up to 20 days, depending on use

      INCLUDED :

      USB cable for charging

      User's Guide

      Set your goals!

      You will see the exact time and you will count several data at once (calories burned, distance traveled, time, etc ...)

      Now your best friend for fitness!



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    For optimal fitness, get a smart bracelet, which will help you achieve your goals and provide you with statistics on your habits. Enjoy it, the quantities are very limited!